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Our mission is to discover and develop bio-inspired systems that reveal new connections between energy and matter.


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Research Highlight

Contractile Actuation and Dynamical Gel Assembly of Paramagnetic Filaments in Fast Precessing Fields

Precession frequency ω and bending modulus κ effects on aggregation for 80-bead filaments with M =  3μ2/σ3 =12KT and viscous drag in Lennard-Jones units γσ=10. The  inverse magnetoelastic parameter ξ = κ/ (ML2 ) versus the magnetic normalized end force χ = M/ (γωσ), shows at low ω and κ filaments aggregating into spirals instead of branching networks.


Joshua M. Dempster, Pablo Vazquez-Montejo and Monica Olvera de la Cruz. Physical Review E Phys. Rev. E 95, 052606 (2017)

We find that individual flexible superparamagnetic filaments can be made to exert controllable tensile forces along the precession axis. Read More