Coarsening Dynamics of Binary Liquids with Active Rotation

Scientific Achievement

We discovered new types of collective excitations such as self-propelled vortex doublets within mixtures of actively rotating fluids.

Significance and Impact

Our results highlight opportunities for achieving life-like, dissipative structures in active materials subject to distributed actuation.

Research Details

  • We developed a continuum, hydrodynamic model that describes the phase separation of actively rotating fluids.
  • We observed and explained new dynamical behaviors such as active coarsening via self-generated flows as well as the emergence of self-propelled vortex doublets.
  • We confirmed that many of the qualitative behaviors identified by the continuum model can also be found in particle-based simulations of actively rotating liquids.
  • Sabrina, S., Spellings, M., Glotzer, S.C., Bishop, K.J.M. "Coarsening Dynamics of Binary Liquids With Active Rotation" Soft Matter 11, 2015, 8409. DOI: 10.1039/C5SM01753J

Work performed at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and Pennsylvania State University