Electrically Driven Pumps Based on Conical Pores have High Rectification; Could be of Interest for Pumping Salt

Scientific Achievement

We have designed a new electrically driven pump structure based on conical pores that operates with high efficiency and high rectification with pores that are a few nm in diameter.

Significance and Impact

The pump can be designed to pump salt (cations and anions) in the same direction, which is of interest is desalinization.

Yu Zhang, George C. Schatz, J. Phys. Chem. C, 121(1), 161-168(2017)

Research Details

  • Conical pores allow for tuning the Debye screening length relative to pore opening to optimize rectification.
  • Oscillating external and surface voltages enable pumping of both cations and anions.

Work performed at Northwestern University