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CBES: Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science

John Rogers

John Rogers

Northwestern University
Rogers Research Group

CBES Research Areas:
Multi-Scale Synthesis of Artificial Muscles, Autonomous Soft Microrobots, Mechanical Enhancement of Photocatalysis, Magnetic Morphogenesis

  • Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Neurological Surgery, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering

 PhD (1995), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Rogers group recently developed methods based on mechanically guided assembly to create deterministic geometrical transformations of 2D structures into fully 3D architectures. These systems could generate a broad range of accessible configurations for vasculatures that transport liquids through our soft-matter structures. In this approach, quantitative mechanics modeling can predict the resulting 3D configurations with a rich diversity of complex shapes.

By integrating 3D vascular networks with our molecularly designed hydrogels, we aim to create actuation or robotic action through water transport between microfluidic channels and the surrounding matrix. Depending on initial results on these water-transporting vasculatures, we are also interested in using the vasculature for waveguiding light in photoactive systems.  

Key Publications

Printing, Folding and Assembly Methods for Forming 3D Mesostructures in Advanced Materials
Y. Zhang, F. Zhang, Z. Yan, Q. Ma, X. Li, Y. Huang, J.A. Rogers. 
Nature Reviews Materials 2, 17019, 2017. 

Mechanical Assembly of Complex, 3D Mesostructures from Releasable Multilayers of Advanced Materials
Z. Yan, F. Zhang, F. Liu, M. Han, D. Ou, Y. Liu, Q. Lin, X. Guo, H. Fu, Z. Xie, M. Gao, Y. Huang, J. Kim, Y. Qiu, K. Nan, J. Kim, P. Gutruf, H. Luo, A. Zhao, K.-C. Hwang, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, J.A. Rogers. 
Science Advances 2: e1601014, 2016. 

Assembly of Micro/Nanomaterials into Complex, Three-Dimensional Architectures by Compressive Buckling
S. Xu, Z. Yan, K.-I. Jang, W. Huang, H. Fu, J. Kim, Z. Wei, M. Flavin, J. McCracken, R. Wang, A. Badea, Y. Liu, D. Xiao, G. Zhou, J. Lee, H.U. Chung, H. Cheng, W. Ren, A. Banks, X. Li, U. Paik, R.G. Nuzzo, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang and J.A. Rogers.
Science 347 (6218), 154-159, 2015.