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CBES: Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science

Rogers, Mirkin to receive 2019 Nakamura Awards

CBES investigators Chad A. Mirkin and John A. Rogers will each receive a 2019 Nakamura Award from the American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM) this August.

The inaugural award, named after Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura, recognizes “significant contributions and … exceptional innovation in the field of functional materials.”

Mirkin was cited for his contributions to nanoscale functional materials and the commercial products and processes that are based upon them, including the invention and development of spherical nucleic acids, and cantilever-free, scanning probe-based and 3D printing methodologies. Rogers was selected “for his pioneering contributions to the flexible, stretchable and wearable electronic systems for healthcare and exploratory neuroscience,” according to the AAAFM award announcement.

Both scientists will accept their awards during the AAAFM-UCLA Conference on Functional Materials, which will be held August 19-22 in Los Angeles.