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CBES: Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science

Research Highlights

Flexing Muscles: Hybrid Materials with Actuatable, Hierarchical Topography for Multifunctional Surface Design

Harnessing the emergence of unique transient morphologies could have potential in the design of multifunctional, actuatable materials for switchable adhesion, antifouling, cell manipulation, and liquid and particle transport surface.

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Inversion of the surface topography of the pNIPAAm gel upon heating
Patterned disks of platinum exhibit different rotational motions in H2O2 solutions.

Shape-Directed Micromotors via Catalytic Self-Electrophoresis

We showed how particle shape alone can induced and direct the motions of catalytic micromotors via chemically fueled electrokinetic flows.

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Using Magnetic Fields to Control Elastic Sheets

Rotating magnetic fields can drive 2D elastic sheets, made of magnetic particles, to expand, contract, or twist.

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Sheets in a wide-rotating magnetic field.
Snapshots from the MD simulation depicting “ionic” bonding behavior

Transitional Bonding in Colloidal Systems

The discovery of a new type of bonding in colloidal systems where nanoparticles diffuse and hold together colloidal crystals in the same way electrons do in metallic bonding.

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Shape-Directed Dynamics of Active Colloids

We showed how particle shape can be used to encode complex dynamical behaviors into colloidal particles powered by induced-charge electrophoresis.

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Dynamic trajectory of a C3 particle moving in a uniform electric field via ICEP.

Self-Assembled Three-Dimensional Chiral Colloidal Architecture: Uniquely Left or Uniquely Right Handed

A Silicon Ratchet to Produce Power from Below-Bandgap Photons

A Light-Responsive Organic Electron Flashing Ratchet


Contractile Actuation and Dynamical Gel Assembly of Paramagnetic Filaments in Fast Precessing Fields

Self-Replication with Dipolar Colloids

"Soft" Amplifier Circuits based on Field-Effect Ionic Transistors

Interactions between Polyelectrolyte-Gel Surfaces

Electrically Driven Pumps Based on Conical Pores have High Rectification; Could be of Interest for Pumping Salt

Identification of Two Mechanisms for Current Production in a Biharmonic Flashing Electron Ratchet

Transmutable Nanoparticles with Reconfigurable Surface Ligands

Enzymatic Reactions Convectively Aggregate Microcapsules Modeling Self-Assembly of Protocells

Coarsening Dynamics of Binary Liquids with Active Rotation

Controlling Shape and Pattern in Active Colloidal Cells

Morphological Phases in Ionic Liquids Induce High Conductivities at Low Temperatures

Energy Landscapes and Functions of Self-Assembling Peptide Amphiphile Nanofibers

Salt Pumping by Voltage-Gated Nanochannels

Energy Conversion in Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels

Plasmonic Photonic Crystals Realized through DNA Programmable Assembly

Harnessing Self-Assembly to Make Photonic Nanowires

Dissipative Self-Assembly of Particles Interacting through Time-Oscillatory Potentials