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CBES: Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science

Sharon Glotzer

  • Professor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering
  • Department Chair of Chemical Engineering

PhD (1993), Boston University

Glotzer has developed a powerful simulation platform that can accurately predict assembled superlattices of nanoparticles (NPs), including DNA-functionalized NPs, and can inversely design synthesizable NPs for nearly any target superlattice or properties via recently developed extended ensemble simulation methods. 

Glotzer and Chad Mirkin are collaborating to inversely design DNA-functionalized NPs and assembly pathways to achieve plasmonic superlattices with “open structures.” These open architectures have large cavities that can serve as hosts for photocatalytic NPs. Glotzer and Mirkin are also considering clathrate superlattices with large periodic cavities (>200 nm), discovered in their prior CBES work, as candidates for photocatalytic reactions. 

Key Publications

Tunable Emergent Structures and Traveling Waves in Mixtures of Passive and Contact-Triggered-Active Particles
Argrawal, M., Bruss, I.R., Glotzer, S.C.
Soft Matter 13, 2017, 6332-6339.

Clathrate Colloidal Crystals
Lin, H., Lee, S., Sun, L., Spellings, M., Engel, M., Glotzer, S.C., Mirkin, C.A.
Science 355, 2017, 931-935.

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