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Electrically Driven Pumps Based on Conical Pores have High Rectification; Could be of Interest for Pumping Salt

Scientific Achievement

We have designed a new electrically driven pump structure based on conical pores that operates with high efficiency and high rectification with pores that are a few nm in diameter.



Significance and Impact

The pump can be designed to pump salt (cations and anions) in the same direction, which is of interest in desalinization.

Research Details

  • Conical pores allow for tuning the Debye screening length relative to pore opening to optimize rectification.
  • Oscillating external and surface voltages enable pumping of both cations and anions.


Advantages of Conical Pores for Ion Pumps
Zhang, Y., Schatz, G.C.
J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 2017, 161-168.

Work performed at Northwestern University